“I’m Melissa, I live for painting, drawing, stretching, breathing, reading and writing. Many of my late nights are spent in my home studio along with my calico kitten, Violet. My artwork has always focused on the little intricacies of life that otherwise may be overlooked. With both a close attention to detail, and a knack for translating the large scale from real life to the page, my portraits merge the physical parts and complex emotions of a special place into a new perspective.

Though I worked as an in-house graphic designer for many years, I was constantly searching for ways to be more independent, creative, and in touch with my community. In 2019 after finishing graduate school, I was determined to strike out on my own as an entrepreneur and I began freelancing in design and illustration. By chance, an old friend contacted me asking me for a simple painting of her home and the rest is history. My home portraits have transformed into a successful and fulfilling venture in a remarkably short amount of time. This business has given me the freedom to work from my home, for myself, and directly with my community. Each and every painting is important to me because each and every painting plays a part in supporting both my wildest dreams and my everyday life.” 

Melissa Rothman is an illustrator from Philadelphia. She has worked professionally as a graphic designer, surface designer, and environmental graphic designer. Melissa received a BFA in Illustration from the University of the Arts in 2014 and an MS in Surface Design from Philadelphia University in 2019. You can find her line of hand-illustrated wallcovering on melissarothman.com.